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Turntable Cake♥

Ahhhh, my Turntable Cake! I'm so proud of this cake! I don't know if the D.J. was impressed seeing his turntable made out of sugar, but I sure hope he was. He said he was, so I'll just have to take his word. For this cake I used a big square cake pan and cut into a rectangle. Then I made a round cake and cut in half to make the record. If you look closely there is an imprint on the silver part of the Turntable Cake (retangle cake). To get this imprint I place the silver fondant on the cake and placed a paper towel on the fondant and pressed down. Then took the paper towel off. To get the silver, I brushed Wiltons Silver Pearl Dust on my grey fondant. Make sure you brush this on the cake when the fondant is totally dry. If not, the wet spots will be more silver then the dry spots. The head phones I made the night before out of black fondant. This is another cake that looks "Hard" to make, but is simple if you just take it one step at a time.

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