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Hello, my name is Raychel, I just turned 24-years-old 3 days ago (4.20.2009), and I am a Stay At Home Mommy! It's a very exhausting job, but I love to be with my babe everyday! I married my high school sweetheart when we were 18-years-old. I met Daniel in elementary school and he is truly my best friend! This is our daughter Madison. She just turned 4 years-old and is so excited to become a BIG sister. Yes, I am pregnant with my second child and we are totally stoked! This is our new puppy Coda. Madison got him for her 4Th Birthday gift last month. He was born December 23rd and, right now, he weighs 2lbs 11oz. Can you say ADORABLE!?! I hope you stay around to enjoy my blog!
I plan to talk about tutus, crafts, cakes, your ideas and more!


  1. Wow this is an amazing site. I need help with keeping fondants from drying out. Do you make your own?

    1. Thank you very much! No I do not make my own fondant. I simply thing it's a waste of time lol. I like Satin Ice fondant the best but most the time I just use Wiltons Fondant. I do not know when you fondant is drying out? Is it when you are working with it? I actually do not use shortening or crisco. I just use PAM baking spray. Maybe that will help :)



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