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4 Months Prego! Bed Rest & Names!

Pictures are from my Step-Mom's 50th Birthday Party
Four Months Pregnant TODAY!! Wozza!
So, I've been on Bed Rest for one week and it's not going so bad. 16 hours a day I can handle. I try to sleep for 10 hours a night, take an afternoon nap with Madison, then lay down around 7 or 8 and watch some T.V.
I feel great! No more morning sickness, but being on bedrest does make you tired lol.
I just pray that the bedrest doesn't turn into monitored bedrest (bedrest in the hospital). I did this with Madison when I was 7 months pregnant and you only can get out of the bed when you have to pee, for your morning shower, and one 30 minute wheelchair ride a day. Yeah it sucked, but my family and inlaws were so great that I never had to eat hospital food! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner somebody called and asked what I wanted to eat : ) It was fantastic!!
A picture of the Kennedy Family last weekend.
A few more months and there will be four of us!
My Sister N Law caught Daniel talking to his Son!
Oh... I almost forgot...
The name Skyler is a no go. Too girly, says the hubs. I agree!
I have came down to two names that I like..
Tell me what you think??
I really wanted his first name to be Reed, but I asked Maddie to say the name Reed and it sounds like WEED. lol
Of course, we may not even pick these names in the end, but once I pick a name I try to stay with it and this baby needs a name so Mommy & Daddy can stop calling him baby boy.


  1. I dunno.. Maddison & Mason sounds really cute together. But, so does Maddison & Parker! Those are good choices!

  2. Both are really cute names!

    No, I didn't know Daniel was going into the army! So, will y'all be moving after he gets through with basic?

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