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Go Diego Go Cake♥

This is my Go Diego Go Cake.
I covered the cake with brown fondant and took all ten of my fingers and pushed in the fondant to get the bumpy moutain look. I love the rocks! To make the rocks, I just mixed the extra brown fondant with black fondant and rolled into a rock shape. I did the same thing using the extra brown fondant with white fondant to get a different color rock.
Fondant Alligator.
Yes, I know I put him in a waterfall.
Fondant Turtle and Snake.
My trees are not very good because the leaves are flat. I should have let them dry before adding them to the tree.
Fondant Moutain Lion
I could have made Diego out of fondant, but to tell you the truth I was too tired.

Happy 5th Birthday, Javien!!

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