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Happy Mother's Day

I hope all my Mommy readers have a WONDERFUL Mommies Day!!! Today is a day us Mom's get to kick back with our feet up and relax. hahahahaha..... Like that's ever going to happen! Our work is never done, but, maybe, after we get the kids ready for the day, play with them, feed their adorable faces 3 times, plus their daily 2 snacks, give them baths, brush their teeth's, tuck them in, read their night time stories, and kiss them good night, then, just maybe, we can relax! I'm just kidding, I know the Daddy's out there are going to do all this and more to help Mommy relax! That's why we keep our husbands around, right?! : ) Happy Mothers Day!

This is my beautiful daughter, Madison! Yeah I know, we do not look anything alike.

She has blonde hair and blue eyes... who would have ever guessed!?!

My Mother's Day card! It's perfect! I love it!!

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