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I need a Martini!

Only if I wasn't pregnant!
I made two different Martini cakes because I simply had a rookie mistake. I thought it was the day of the party, so I made the cake, then I looked at my book and realized the party was the following week. Yeah.... ummmm.... that sucks! As you can guess, my husband was stoked to have a cake to eat for no reason. TIP: Read your schedule book before you bake and decorate a cake : ) This is the second Martini Cake I made and it was the official birthday cake.
I made the Martini Cake Topper a few days before the party.
I sprinkled all the pink with Wilton's Pink Pearl Dust and all the olives with Wilton's Green Pearl Dust.
It's a pretty simple cake with star and circle cut outs, but I gotta tell you, those martini's took a long time to cut out.
I printed a Martini Glass off the internet (not this exact one) and traced and cut it out on cardboard. Then I place the cardboard on my black fondant and cut the fondant in this shape. Then, I added the pink triangles to the black fondant martini. Happy 21st Birthday, Rachel! I hope you enjoyed your Martini's!

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