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Tinkerbell Cake

My Disney Tinkerbell Cake!!
This is the doll that I put in the cake.
I bought her at Target for under $10.00.
I took all her clothes off and made her a fondant shirt.
I put frosting on her body to make the fondant stick, then I sqeezed her legs all the way in the cake. I decorated around her waist to make the dress look like a one peice.
Then, I sprinkled her dress with Wilton's Green Pearl Dust.
Isn't She Pretty?!


  1. That's neat! Usually you just see Princess/barbie doll cakes. Very creative!

  2. Very cute Tinkerbell cake!! I don't think I could survive without my luster dust, pearl dust, and edible glitter. Enjoyed looking through your blog, you have some very cute cakes!



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