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Week 13!

So, I woke up this morning by Madison's sweet voice talking to my belly. It was the sweetest thing, "Hi, baby brother or sister. Whatcha doin in there?". She has started to kiss and hug my belly everyday and it makes me more excited to watch two kids grow up into adults. Once I managed to crawl out of bed, I signed on and read my emails. I get a few different pregnancy emails from different websites, and as I was reading them I got a huge slap in the face. "One more week until you're in your second trimester" WTF!!!! I thought today I was in my second trimester... damnit! One website says it starts at 13 weeks and the other says it's 14 weeks. Man, one more week of morning sickness? I thought it was going to start easing up. Not being able to hold down my mom's enchiladas, that she only makes once a year, really sucks!


  1. Aw, that's so sweet! She'll be really excited when she can feel the baby move!

  2. That whole beginning of the 2nd trimester thing is pretty misleading...


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