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18 Weeks Pregnant!

I kinda can't believe I'm eight-teen weeks pregnant, exciting! The weeks seem to go by fast, but I know I still have a long way left to go.
My doctor appointment today went bitter/sweet. Ugggg....
So I go to the room and they put the Doppler on my belly and 3 minutes into her tying to find the heartbeat I say "can you find it?" She says "just hold on a minute". Seven minutes pass and I look at her with tears in my eyes and say "you can't find it can you?" She said "No I can't find his heartbeat".
She went and got the Doctor and he found the heartbeat within 3 seconds of putting that Doppler on my belly. Those had to be the worst 10 minutes I have ever experienced in my life.
It brought back memories of when I was 7 months pregnant with Madison. I was in the Hospital on Monitored Bedrest when all of the sudden the machine that monitored her heart rate went from 156 beats per minute down to 46 beats per minute. We didn't know why the monitor was going off until 10 different Doctors and Nurses coming running into my room and flipping me around. I was so high risk that people had to come in and talk to me about planning her funeral. I had church members come in (people that I had never met from a church that I had never attended) with a stuffed lamb and tell me that they were praying from me and Maddie. I still have that lamb to this day. It was way too much for a nineteen year old to handle.
Good news though. Our baby boy is fine!!!
I am still on bedrest. I have dilated to one centimeter, but am confident everything will be just fine and the better news is......
I have changed Doctors!! That Doctor, I just did not like. I didn't feel that clinic was clean enough (up to my standards), the Doctor was not a High Risk Doctor, and his staff was a bunch of idiots. They lost all my records from my previous visit, they couldn't find my lab results, and they didn't deliver from a Hospital that I approved of.
Here is 2 sonograms from today's visit. They are all the same picture but just different views to make it easier to see.
This is a sonogram of his package by the "X".

I turned, zoomed, and added captions to see better. It's like you are looking up at him sitting down.


  1. I am sorry for your scare. I also had high risk pregnancies. I hope all goes well for you this time to. I think you are safe on the gender with a pic like that :) It was nice of him not to hide! lol

  2. I can not imagine how terrifying that was. I am so sorry, but so glad that he's fine! And yes, that is ALOT for any pregnant woman to go through. Can you get a cervical cerclage? I don't know too much about them, but I thought they did that with women who have cervix problems? I had the opposite problem with my cervix, it wouldn't do anything! Both my boys were c-sections.


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