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Cali Had Puppies!

This is Cali's 1st Litter of Puppies. Aren't they just the Cutest?!
My Mom has 3 Yorkies. She has one boy, Tex and two girls, Cali & Pixie.
Cali just had her second litter of puppies. This will be her last litter.
Her first litter was last December on my Husbands Birthday and this litter was Sunday on Father's Day.
Cali had 5 Puppies and was in a lot of pain. The 5th puppy got stuck and when my Dad finally got the puppy out it was already too late. The poor puppy had died.
My Mom is not a breeder! These are just family pets and Mom always said "if it happens it happens". It happened twice with Cali and now she is getting fixed.
A few minutes after birth.
I do not have a picture of every single puppy. It's kinda hard to tell them apart right now.
Day 2 of life Day 3 of life. (the BIG one) 4 ounzes
Day 3 of life (the smallest one) 3.4 ounzes


  1. So cute!

    We have a four month old YorkiePoo that is about four pounds. Today she learned to hop over the babygate. YIKES!

  2. Aww.. I love Yorkies! This was my mom's dogs, but my Yorkie Pinkie just had a litter. They are 5 weeks old and adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Raychel Kennedy


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