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Father's Day 2009!

I just want to take the time to acknowledge my Husband, Daniel, on this Father's Day. Daniel, in my opinion, is the best Daddy I could have ever asked for for my children. Not only is he the best Husband but he truly is a great man. I know tons of wives say that about their Husbands, but if you really knew this man you would understand. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He is my meant to be and I love him with all my heart.
Madison with the BEST Daddy in the WORLD! Father's Day 2009
Jaxson TOO!
I want to share a story about Madison & Jaxson's Daddy.
A few weeks ago Daniel, my Brother, and Maddie went fishing and Maddie wanted to catch a fish so bad. My brother, Brandon, caught a tiny bass fish, so (while Brandon took Maddie to the side) Daniel took the tiny bass fish off of Brandon's fishing pole and placed it on Maddie's fishing pole and threw it back into the water. When Maddie came back she continued to fish when she realized she CAUGHT A FISH! She was soooo excited reeling it in! WHAT A GREAT DADDY! He went through all that just to see her smile : )

Madison's 1st Fish - June 2009


  1. How sweet!! When you have time,look at my blog, I left something for you there!

  2. Hi, I just left something for you at my blog, I hope you like it.

  3. That is so sweet. Such a good daddy!!


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