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I'm Honored!

(Just a random pic of me... has nothing to do with this blog. lol)
I'm honored that somebody enjoys my Blog : )
I got my first Blog Award thanks to Pink Little Cake, so make sure you check out her blog!
It's my turn to list 5 things I love and 5 blogs I want pass this Award to.
My Top Five Things I Love: 1) I love Photography- I love to take pictures and capturing the moment! 2) Anything Creative- Making cakes, tutus, treasure boxes, candy bouquets, etc.. 3) Dancing Shows like So You Think You Can Dance- Oh, how I miss dancing! 4) Strawberry Cheese Cake - Mmmmmm Sweet Pregnancy Cravings!!! 5) Jimmy Kimmel - He always knows what to say to make me laugh :)
My Top Five Favorite Blogs That I Read: (not in any order)
(Pink Little Cake would be on this list but I think it is against the rules)
1) Cake Dreamer -Amateur cake decorator just like me, but you wouldn't be able to tell! She is amazing!
2) Giovanna's Cakes -Very impressive Cakes!
3) Karen.Mommy.Wiffey - I've known for years & has a passion for cake decorating just like me! She is well on her way!
4) Yudy Cakes -She inspires me! Every cake she has made I want for myself! She is awesome!
5) Sweet Things - The name Sweet Things says it all! You gotta check her work out! Flawless!! .
I hope my Top Five Picks will play along and pass the award to their favorite blogs : )
Now, I'm off to go get me a Cheese Cake.... Yummy!!!


  1. You are so kind! Thanks for the nomination :) And that pic is really great!

  2. You are so sweet! thank you!!! thank you!!


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