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Keepsake Box♥

I made two Keepsake Boxes for a friend who is going to deliver twins any day now. It was my frist time to make a Keepsake Box and I can't wait to make more! Madison would love to have one of her own.
Cade's Keepsake Box Collin's Keepsake Box
What I love about these boxes is that they actually are Keepsake Books.
You can put memories in them then place it on your bookshelf.


  1. very nice indeed! bravo. you are very talented.
    how are you feeling? hope things are well.

  2. Those are so great! Those would be nice to keep the little card from the nursery crib, hospital bracelets, cards... just awesome! Have you thought about having an etsy shop? (on You could sell things on there that you can make while on bedrest!


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