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Pregnancy at 17 Weeks!

Picture from last weekend May 31st 2009.
Kennedy Family Pictures. I'll post more when I get them back from the photographer. This was from my camera.
I'm 17 weeks pregnant! Only 161 days left to go!!
Today, I had to go to the doctor and give some blood. I'll get the results back next Thursday. Hope all is well! The weeks seem to go by fast, but this bedrest is making me more and more tired. I did not even blog 3 days last week because I was so exhausted. I hope to get some energy back soon. I feel pretty good! Cramp a little here and there but nothing that concerns me and when he kicks it makes everything better. Night time is my favorite time. This is when he moves the most, or since I'm just laying there I notice it the most. Either way it is a wonderful feeling! So, funny story... Madison was looking at my belly and talking to her brother when she decided to look into my belly button and shouted.... "Mommy!!! I can see him!" lol She's a hoot! Just for the fun of it I looked at the Chinese Baby Conception Chart "BOY OR GIRL" and it predicts that I'm having a boy! That's what the Doc said too! So lets cross our fingers that the sex does not change.
23 years old and February
Next week ,I go back to the doctor and they will say 100% if it's a boy or girl. Last appointment they could only guarantee 98% that it was a boy. I'm confident that it's a boy! I saw his package on the ultrasound!


  1. you might find this funny, 3 out of 4 of my kids were wrong LOL

  2. Being that tired really sucks. Hopefully that'll go away soon. Madison is too funny!


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