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22 Weeks Pregnant

I am 22 weeks Pregnant today and I FINALLY got in to my new Doctor. He is absolutely WONDERFUL!
My Pregnancy is going pretty good considering I'm High Risk and I'm already dilated, but I do have to start having weekly injections of a drug called 17 Alpha Hydroxyprogestrone Chrome. It is a drug that will help prevent pre-term labor. People have asked why haven't I gotten a Cervical Cerclage.

A Cervical Cerclage is when the Doctor places stitches in your cervix to hold it closed. I have not had this done because they say it works best on patients who's cervix has not yet changed. I can still have it done, but only as the last resort. We will try other methods first, since it would/could consider surgery.

During the Sonogram Jaxson did a 180 within four minutes. I could feel him moving when she was measuring everything out, but I didn't imagine he was swimming around.

If you look at the Sonogram closely you can see the first one Jaxson's head is to the left and his body is to the right. Four minutes later Jaxson flip-flopped sides as his head went to the right and his body went to the left. I thought it was neat that the Sonographer caught this and gave me both pictures. The Sonographer thought it was hilarious.


  1. Congratulations,
    I truly understand the high pregnancy drama and if you ever need someone to talk to I have been there. My miracle baby is now 12 years old. But I was on bed rest the whole pregnancy and boy was that hard. Especially when you go through that nesting stage. Take care of yourself and baby Jaxson

  2. I hope you can avoid the cerclage and hope everything else you are doing works! Glad to hear you like your doctor and that things are going good!! :)


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