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Devilish Devil Halloween Tutu

Devilish Devil Tutu By Raychel Kennedy
devils tutu
I just love this Costume!
I made this Devil Tutu in 3 different styles.

devils tutu This one is a Red and Black Long Tutu Skirt with Ribbon Suspenders, a 100% Devil Shirt, Devil's Bow Tie, Devil's Horns, & Devil's Tail.

This is my favorite of the Devil Tutu Costumes.

devils tutu

This is my Devilish Devil Tutu Dress.

It includes: A Long Red & Black Tutu Halter Dress, Devil's Bow Tie that goes around the bust line, Devil's Horns, & Devil's Tail.

Madison Halloween 2008

devils tutu

This was Madison's Halloween Costume last year.

I like these Devil Horns better, because they clipped in her hair and didn't fall out.

devils tutu

We didn't tie the suspenders up until Trick or Treating, and we tied the Devil's Bow Tie on the front of her tutu. She wore this Devilish Devil Costume all day long and everybody loved it!

I was very pleased with her Halloween Costume last year and we got so many amazing compliments!!!


  1. Cute! I love those little horns!!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! We are glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love the little dress! That is so cute! I like the clip on horns better too. But, either way Madison is just adorable!

  3. Very CUTE !!!!
    so nice Costume and Model is Very NICE !!


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