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Odessa, Texas

We had a busy weekend starting early Friday morning.
Madison was a Flower Girl for Daniel's cousin's wedding in Odessa, Texas.
Odessa is six hours away from our home in Mesquite.
While we waited for our hair appointments Madison had fun posing for the camera.
This was Friday 3pm at the Wedding Rehearsal.
It was outside and it felt like we was under a huge blow dryer. Hot does not do justice for the heat we felt!!! It was over 100 degrees. OMG... that's Texas for ya.

I know I cheated a tad bit, but I made the best out of my bed rest in between events in our nice, soft, KING size bed. Oh, how I miss my KING size bed.

We down sized to a queen and I hate it!!! I'm changing back to KING soon.

Once you go KING you'll never go Queen again....
LOL and once you do you WILL regret it.
Daddy, Maddie, Me, & Jaxson ready for the Wedding. I took a few snap shots of the Flower Girls playing around in this phone booth and I just love em. It reminds me of a picture that you'd see in a bridal magazine. The Flower Girls: Peyton & Madison The Ring Bearer: Brayden Of course I cried!!
She just doesn't look or act four-years-old. Before I know it, she will be walking down the aisle of her own Wedding.... TEAR :( This is Daniel's Cousin Allison and her Groom Josh. Her dress was one of the most BEAUTIFUL dresses I have ever seen. Next to my wedding dress, of course lol. Who can resist bubbles? Madison almost crashed out! It's a hard job being a Flower Girl. Madison and I left before dinner was served.

She was exhausted and I did not want to take advantage of bed rest any longer.

We missed all the rehearsal dinner. We missed the dancing, cutting of the cake, and the Bride & Groom driving off, but we did enjoy our Mommy/Daughter time in the Hotel.

We stopped and got Taco Bell and watched the Sponge Bob Square Pants marathon on Nick, then crashed out around 10pm.

Yeah... I think she's a keeper!!!!


  1. Madison looks so cute, the dress is so prety, I love her hair too.It seems that yopu guys had a lot of fun, sorry for the weather. 2 years ago I spend all summer pregnant, the best thing.. I had a pint of ice cream every day, the bad feet look like big tamales!

  2. Oh how sweet! Yes they grow so fast. Love the last picture. Nothing like a love between a mother and her child!


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