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Playful Pirate Halloween Tutu

Playful Pirate Tutu By Raychel Kennedy
I bought a Pirate Halloween costume and turned it into a Pirate TUTU costume.

It includes a full Brown & Red Tutu, Hat, Bandana, Belt, Boot Coverings, Shirt, & 2 Wrist Bands.

"My daughter loved it...she still plays with it. Thank You!"

If you have a Halloween Costume you'd like to turn into a Halloween TUTU Costume just let me know : )


  1. If only I had a little girl! I really like that costume, it's so cute!

  2. That's exactly the look I'm looking for with my daughter's Halloween costume! Where can I find this???

  3. You can buy the costume from Party City and add the tutu to it. I just cut off the skirt attached to the costume and added this brown and red tutu for a one of a kind creation. Email for the tutu skirt.



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