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Tutu Fairy Halloween Costume

This is my Tutu Fairy Halloween Costume.
It is a new creation for the 2009 Halloween Line.
It includes:
A Long Fairy Tutu made of Soft Pink, Purple, and Green Tulle, Fairy Wings, and a Fairy Hair Flower. (Shirt is not included) This is the Fairy Hair Flower. UPDATE: I've been selling tutu's for over 4 years and now is the time I have decided to start a Tutu Boutique. It will include Tutus, Tutu Costumes, Shirts, Monogrammed Shirts, Tube Socks, Leg Warmers, Mommy & Me Shirts, Toddler Boy Shirts, Shoe Clips, and Hair Bows. I have so many ideas that keep me awake every night and it's time to let them out to play! I'm starting with a new Myspace at Then I will get a Etsy Account, Tutu Blog, & Website. If you have a myspace, add me : ) Hope you enjoy my Tutu creations! -Raychel Kennedy


  1. Hey Raychel,

    You are killing me with these cute TuTus!
    I think if I lived near you I would drive you nuts. I would be walking around in TuTu just cause lol

  2. Hi Raychel I am so glad you are going to start your new store. Your tutus are adorable, my daughter will be using hers at her birthday party in 2 weeks, and then I will post all the pics, I will also tell my friends. I am trying to access the link to your myspace web page but I am getting a 17 year old girl from England, I don't think is you at all. Let me know. Take care.

  3. Thanks Kathia!!!

    I guess the hyphen is imporatant lol.

    It is

    Thanks for the heads up! I fixed it : )


  4. Hi Raychel,
    I am glad you fix the issue with the link. I will take a lot of pictures of Cami on her birthday and I will send them to you. It will be an honor for us if you put Cami in your catalog.I love it!

  5. That is so cute! I love the colors and the hair flower!!

  6. OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS your blog is fabulous, I found you through Baking Momma, Congrats on your award I cannot wait to see what youve been up to the tutu's speak to my soul...YAY! thanks for sharing!


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