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Wacky Witch Tutu Dress

Wacky Witch Tutu Costume By Raychel Kennedy
Just add the Witch Hat and Broom for a Perfect Witch Costume!
(Madison was not in the mood to wear the Witch Gear) It is made from yards of soft Pink, Hot Pink, & Black Tulle, Ties up around the neck with a Satin Ribbon, and comes with a Ribbon to tie around the bust line for a more polished look (around the bust line is optional).
This is Carlee.
It was cool Halloween evening so Carlee added a Black Turtle Neck over the dress. The Turtle Neck could go under or over the tutu. Your choice, either way it's adorable!
"I can't get Carlee to take her dress off which is okay with me because it is so darn cute!" -Megan

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