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26 Weeks Pregnant

I'm so out of it today. I have been so tired and my injection hurt like hell. I really do not know how bad "HELL" hurts but, OH MAN, my hip is in some pain. I thought I was getting use to these shots but nope. Last week I didn't even blog about my pregnancy because I was in so much pain.
The nurse said that her thumb shakes when she gives me the injection because the gel is so thick. YIKES! lol
Jaxson, on the other hand, is doing great! I had a sonogram today (to bad all the sonogram pictures came out horrible) and he is healthy and weighs 1lb 14ounces.
My Doctor is very happy that I have made it to 26 weeks. When I was pregnant with Madison I was already 4 centimeters dilated at 24 weeks so this is a big milestone to cross.
So, we know these injections are working. Regardless of the pain I feel, I know it is totally worth it.

I have to say 'sorry' for not being an active blogger these last two weeks. I've been so busy with my tutus and I've been so tired. I haven't had time to visit all your blogs and for that I apologize!! I promise I'll be a better blogger next week :)


  1. I'm sorry the injections still hurt, I was hoping they'd get easier as they went on. I'm so glad they are working though! That sure helps through the pain I'd imagine!

    You look great! And the tutu's are amazing! I know I look forward to seeing all your tutu's as you post 'em!

  2. Awwww I am so sorry that they are still hurting you. Can they not numb the area or something before they stick ya.

    Yes I agree you look great!
    Also a big tutu fan.

    Now I hope while Madison grows you will make some teen and adult Tutus because she is not going to take it. That little girl loves the camera and it loves her.

    Does she have a manager? lol

  3. wow you have alot going on, I dialated early with my first and it was so scary, I will keep yall in my prayers! stupid injections...was it the steroids?


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