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Another Award!!!

OMG!!! WHOO HOOO I'm stoked to find out that my blog has received another award! This is the Loyal award, which is an award for blogger friends. Thank you Baking Momma for this award! Yall will have to check her blog out. It is amazing! Baking Momma always sends me the best comments that put a smile on my face everyday! She deserves this award 100 times! I hate to only pick four blogs to pass this award along, but here it goes...
These blogs are awesome! Go check em out! Thanks again Baking Momma!!


  1. Raychel,

    Thank you. Geese girl you just made me get all teary! Yes you are right it is so hard to only pick four blogs. It hurt my soul. I am so glad for one that you picked Cake Dreams and Karen are ones that I wanted also. But when they give you only four you start pulling your hair. Your stomach gets sick. You don't want to hurt anyone and you want them all to know how important they are. Congrats to all the winners! Keep up the great work. I as a fellow blogger know how much blood sweat and tears go into keeping a good blog!

  2. I just saw this! I will do this either tonight or tomorrow night!! Thanks!! Can I pick your blog back?? LoL


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