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BedRock Chick Halloween Tutu

*2009 Halloween Line*
BedRock Chick Halloween Tutu Costume.
(cave girl halloween tutu costume)
Orginal Creation for Tutu Fairy
This is a new creation that I've been so egar to promote. I just love it, and Madison modeled it very well.
She was acting tough and not all girlie and I love the end result.
This is a short tutu made with 5 different colors of tulle, has a faux fur belt, faux fur wrist cuffs, detachable bow on the front of the dress that can be placed in hair, and comes with a bone hair clip.
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  1. Hey it came out great. I can see why you were so excited and I see your precious model is back home. yipeee!

  2. That is so cute! I love the short tutu with it! Can't wait to see the next one! {there is one more, right?!}

    Oh! I was gonna ask you.. how do you think a 'layered' tutu would look? Like a long layer, middle layer, and short layer? I saw one kinda like that, but it wasn't a good picture. Do you think that would look cute?


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