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Coda Bear with No Hair!

Coda turned 8 Months old August 23rd.
He is full grown weighing in at 4.5 lbs.
His hair is cRaZy!!
It's like nothing like I've ever seen before. Since he's wearing his "Babe Magnet" shirt you are missing out on all the cRaZiNeSs.
The shirt is concealing a lot considering his hair drapes fully to the floor.

Texas is a hot place. It feels like your standing under a damn blow dryer, so we decided to shave off all Coda's hair.

Yeah... we might just be cRaZy ourselves, but I assure you he is just as cute!
LoL... the picture to the right cracks me UP!!
Awwww he's adorable!!!! With a huge head!
We wanted to keep the Yorkie look so we decided not to shave all the hair off his head.
lol.... It's bobble head Coda Bear!!!
I should stop being mean... I love this little guy so much!!
Now he can sleep back in the bed with us since he's not dragging everything that came with all his hair. We would find twigs and even tulle hidden deep in his fur even after his baths they would still cling on.
Oh, BTW his "Babe Magnet" shirt is officially too big!!! It's time to go shopping for a new doggy wardrobe. He may even lost a pound or two.

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  1. Omg, I love it. He looks like a mini lion! Too cute.


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