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LadyBug Wing Set

So Friday I was bored and decided to try and attempt to make Ladybug Wings.
I got a wire clothes hanger, black electrical tape, wire cutters, pliars, some red tulle, black dots, a black boa, and my handy glue gun. Then, I got to work.
I was very pleased with how they came out!
Now, I just got to make a matching tutu : )


  1. I think they came out great! I can just imagine how cute it is going to look with the tutu. Cant wait for future pics.

  2. Those are awesome!! Are you going to do a bumblebee? That could be cute! I don't know how easy/hard that would be to make, but if anyone can do it it'd be you!!

  3. Oh! And fyi, if/when I have a baby girl.. I'm going to bug you to help/teach me to make all kinds of stuff for her!! LoL!

    And if I don't have a girl..maybe my sister will? So! Look forward to that in the *far* future. LoL


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