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Pirate Cake- ARRRGGG!

This is my Pirate Cake!
I haven't done a cake since the poker cake, about three weeks ago, and I was very exctied to decorate again : )
Since I'm on bed rest I cant do as many as I normally do but I try to do at least one a month so I do not get rusty.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Captain Giovanni!


  1. Oh that cake came out so cute. You are good girl. I was worried I had emailed you yesterday at the email you gave me and had not heard from you. Glad to see you are ok.
    Take Care

  2. You cakes are fab! Do you use only wiltons fondant? I find it has a good consistancy but does not taset very good. But the marshmallow fondant I make at home is yummy but does not hold the shape as well.

  3. Hello Donnis,

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment!!

    Yes, I only use the wilton premade fondant. It is easier to work with and I find that some people like it and some people dont.

    Raychel Kennedy :)


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