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Jaxson's Baby Shower!

Jaxson's Baby Shower
The Kennedy Family
So, Sunday was an awesome day. It was
Jaxson's Baby Shower! The camera was on
the wrong setting so some of these pictures are blurry.
This is what I see when I look down---->

I made the cake and my mom bought the cupcakes at Sams.
I wanted to make a 3 tier cake, but the night before I was in tears from how much pain I was in. I was having HORRIBLE contractions, so I just gave up on the cake.
I didn't even put fondant on the cake. I just iced it with blue frosting then added the fondant decorations. The little baby in the middle of the cake was made out of fondant.

For the diaper table I wanted something different other than a normal tiered diaper cake, so I made this diaper motorcycle.

You've seen the favor boxes
My Mom decided to put them on a cupcake stand and I love it!!
It was a great centerpiece!

Daddy, Mommy, & Maddie!
  Silly Pic :]~

I made this onesie the other day and this is what Jaxson will wear for his first pictures. Ohhhh I cant wait!!

His rock and roll bedding!!
I should post a better pic of his name. It is awesome! My step mother painted it and added little guitars and music notes to it.
I dont know what life will be like with 2 kids, but I'm ready for it!

Madison can't wait to meet her baby brother. She is super excited!

♥ Giving Jaxson some love!


  1. It looks like you had an amazing shower! Jaxson will be here before you know it!

  2. Wow, everything look adorable, I love the colors of the bedding and the letters with his name on it. I am so happy for your and your family. Baby Jaxson is looking forward to come out very soon. The cake is just adorable. Congratulations.

  3. All of it is adorable! 2 is definitely an adventure! :) Enjoy the ride!

  4. Everything came out great! I am so happy for you! You have such a beautiful family!


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