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The Perfect Pumpkin

I make a glitter pumpkin every year. It is great for Halloween and for thanksgiving decorations.
You need: A pumpkin, glue, and orange glitter.
Oh, and black paint if you want to add a pumpkin face.
Add glue all over your pumpkin.
Rub in with finger tips.
Add your Orange glitter.
Dust off excess orange glitter.
The perfect pumpkin.
I love it and when people walk in the house they think it's fake.
I like the pumpkin with orange glitter, but it also looks great with gold glitter, or better yet, have one of each.
You could, also, put a pumpkin face on your pumpkin with black paint, Madison insisted that this year I gave my pumpkin a face.
Have fun and enjoy the orange glitter you will find all over your house for the next 2 weeks :)


  1. Really enjoyed your blog site....very pretty.

  2. I have wanted to do that. But with the funkins. But being the only girl in my house. No one would be excited about a sparkly pumpkin but me

  3. Anything with sparkles is my favorite. Cute idea!


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