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Cake Balls

I think Bakerella is fantastic! My family just loves cake balls! My husband, daughter, brothers, inlaws, and parents just can't get enough!

I never take the time to take pictures of my cake balls because they seem to be all gone by the time I finish decorating the last one. This time I made them wait until I was done ;)

I, personally, do not like cake balls but,then agian, I also do not like cake or chocolate.
I have Madison's approval and that's all that matters.
Look at her enjoying her cake ball!

I used a white cake, with creemcheese frosting, dipped in white chocolate, then drizzled with green cookie icing.

I, also, do my cake balls different from bakerella. I will share my way on another post in the near future.


  1. I had just read about cake balls some where else too -I had never heard of them before & now I just have to try them!

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