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How to make a Tutu Wreath Christmas Ornament

How I make a Tutu Wreath Christmas Ornament.
You will need:

Tulle (I used red and white)
Measuring Tape
Wire Cutter/Pliars
Ribbon (I used red and green)

  • With your wire cutters cut 5 pieces of wire at 11 inches each


  •  Get one peice of wire and make a circle shape
  •  Twist the ends together to hold the circle shape
  •  With your pliars clamp the ends to secure
Repeat the 2nd & 3rd steps until you have 5 circles

  • Decide what colors you want your ornaments to be
  • Cut 16 peices of tulle at 4 inches each
  • Do this 5 times
  • With the 1st 16 peices of tulle wrap and tie the tulle around the wire

This is what it will look like with all 16 pieces of tulle.

  • With your fingers clamp the wire together like the picture shows.

  • With your fingers twist the wire around 5-6 times
  • It will look like this  

Repeat steps 5-7 four more times to make 5 Christmas ornaments.

Just add a bow and you are all done.


  1. Real cute. You are just a tutuholic lol

  2. This is so cute. Do you know how to make tutus to wear?

  3. Oops sorry I just saw your other blog "Tutu Fairy". Lol - guess you DO know how to make tutu's to wear.. Love you blogs, everything looks so nice.

  4. hi these are beautiful and im trying to make them and i was wondering if you could specify for me please on the lenght and with of the tulle. i know you said 4 inch strips but are they 4x4 or 4x6? thanks a million these ornaments are uber adorable. thanks Melissa :-)

  5. Hey Melissa

    Thanks for stopping by! These are 4" long by 6" wide strips :)

    If you have any more questions please let me know!


  6. So cute! Simple but fun! Would you share here?

  7. Love daughter would love them too! I just might have to do this with her this year.
    I'd love you to link up with us.

  8. These are so cute!! I made one tonight and I feel like my wire is to thin... can you tell me how thick the wire should be? I don't do crafts much, but I am making these as Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!!

  9. Good question! I wished I remember. It is either 18 or 20 gauge wire, because that is all I buy.

    Either gauge will work fine but I'm thinking it's 18 gauge.



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