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Kennedy's Thanksgiving 2009

Kennedy Family Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful for my husband and 2 healthy kiddos. They make me smile everyday.

I made Mommy and Daughter matching applique shirts. We got a bunch of compliments on them :)
It, also, was Jaxson's first Thanksgiving. He slept most of the time and didn't have a care in the world as he was passed around from one family member to the next.

I am just so thankful for all the great people God has blessed me with.


  1. You guys look adorable. You are so bless for having such a wonderful family. Hugs,

  2. I was just thinking about making a Thanksgiving shirt when I found your website.Thanks for giving me insperation!

    1. That's great! I would love to see pictures of your shirts :)



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