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Kids Crafts: Carry Along Treasure Can

Madison and I had a great day with crafts today. We did 3 different projects and today I will share the first one. This is a great recycle and kid friendly project (with parents help and supervision).
I also don't know what to call this project.
Carry Along Treasure Can??
Step 1: Get Your Supplies
We used/recycled an empty infant formula can for this project.
Other Supplies:
Anything you want to decorate your can with. We used glitter, ribbon, beads, and flowers.
You Will Also Need:
Measuring Tape/Ruler, Scissors, Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Paper, and a Pen.
Step 2:
Take off the label of your can and measure it.
Cut your paper to fit around your can.
Step 3:
This is where you and your kids can decorate to your hearts content :)
Let their imaginations run wild.
Have fun and enjoy this time with your little ones. They are only young once.
Madison and I had a wonderful time :)
Step 4:
Glue your decorated paper to the can.
Step 5:
Add your ribbon straps. Flip your can over and hot glue ribbon across the bottom and up the sides. Then tie in a double knot along with a pretty bow. This will be your handle to carry your can from adventure to adventure.
Step 6:
Decorate the lid
We decided to put flowers on our lid.
With the glue gun tip, melt and push through 3 holes to the top of the lid.
Glue flowers in place and cover any gaps with ribbon bows.
How pretty!!!
Come back tomorrow to see the treasures we found :)

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