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Less is More. Pillow Case Dress

Pillow Case Dress
My Sister N Law has been asking me to make one of these Pillow Case Dresses for years and I never done it. I guess it was because I've seen so many tacky ones out there. Fabrics that are covered in prints and they add so many ribbons to them, I just never liked them. But then i saw one that was plain and simple and adorable. Click here to see the one I thought was so sweet along with the Instructions on how it was made. I followed these instructions for my Pillow Case Dress and I love it! Another thing about this dress is it is a safer version of the pillow case dress. This one does not pose as a strangulation factor due to the top of the dress being done in elastic instead of having ribbon. The ribbon is sewn around the arm holes instead of around the neck.
Just remember, less is more.
Those printed fabrics are too much for a small little girl.


  1. Oh so sweet! I love this! If only I had a sewing machine!! And

  2. That is too cute! Great idea :)

  3. I agree. Those loud, busy dresses in those tacky colors are awful. Yours is fantastic...really cute and simple.


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