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Here Comes Santa Claus

Jaxson is doing great!
 He will be ten weeks old Tuesday and weighs 8lbs 5oz.

 Every time Jax sneezes he goes "AHHHH" really loud lol it's so cute. He is such a sweet baby and Madison loves being a Big Sister. She is so gentle with him.
Our yorkies Coda and Pinkie love him too. Well, Pinkie doesn't pay too much attention to him but Coda guards him. Coda will sit next to Jax's bouncer and poke his head around to make sure Jaxson is doing okay. When Jaxson cries Coda will run in the room and check everything out.

We found his Santa outfit at Babies R Us and I took these pictures this afternoon. The flash did not interrupt his nap at all :)

Oh, the Santa Hat goes to Madison's Santa Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Fits him perfect ;)


  1. He is just gorgeous. I cannot believe Thomas is 1 week older than him and he weighs 12 pounds! My little booger likes to eat! lol I am so glad he is doing well!

  2. Oh my how adorable!!! It doesn't get cuter than that! I love the sleeping on the present :) Too funny!

  3. you have a very beautiful family!so cute your kids! i have a 2 years old son, and we plan, maybe, next year to make him a brother or a sister:))congratulations and i wish you all the joy and happiness from the world:))

  4. Raychel ~ Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your cute little "Santa baby". Hold tight to these moments for they pass too quickly!

  5. What a cutie! These are adorable pics!


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