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Kennedy Christmas 2009

After Jaxson got out of the Hospital we FINALLY let Maddie open her presents from us. She, already, opened presents with my Mom & Step-Dad and with my Dad and Step-Mom Christmas morning. Here are a few pictures of Madison's Christmas.


American Girl Bitty Baby Twins from Mimi and Papa.

American Girl Chrissa from Mommy and Daddy

Nurf Guns from Daddy. She opened this and said "BOY TOYS...I Don't want BOY Toys". lol, but now she loves them!
Daddy and Maddie had tons of fun playing with the Nurf Guns while Mommy baked cupcakes.

 These are the Martha Stewart Cupcake Liners I received from Pink Little Cake. Again, Thank you so much Kathia!

 Once the cupcakes cooled down I iced them and Maddie helped me decorate :) We had a lot of fun and....

... Daddy and Maddie loved eating them.

Our Christmas was delayed but we had a great one! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas too.

Madison crashed out early. She had a busy busy day! This is the Baby Alive Doll she got from Nana and Papa. This damn doll pisses all over my house. I kid you not. Even when I think there is no more water/food in her there still is. If your daughter got one of these for Christmas I wish you luck.

This is what TEXANS call SNOW. Yep, that's all. We haven't had a white Christmas in 83 years, since 1926. Kinda cool but I only saw it on the roof tops looking out the hospital window. Dont worry, that was plenty. I hate snow. I hate being cold.... brrrrrr. We got 1-3 inches of snow. What about you? Please let me know how many inches of snow you received on Christmas day.


  1. My girlfriend lives in Houston and she sent me pictures of the snow falling and it was awesome. But then my husband was in NJ for business and he really saw snow and it was crazy because being in Florida for so many years. He was not a happy camper seeing snow. But oh how I wish we had snow. Loved the pictures.

  2. Awe, I'm glad y'all had a nice Christmas.. even if it was delayed! My husband, boys, and I were all out in the snow for a bit. Umm... really like 10 mins cuz it was cooooold! LoL! But it was nice while it lasted. Cute cupcakes by the way!


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