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DIY Monday: Leg Warmers

D.I.Y Monday
How to Make Leg Warmers
By Raychel Kennedy

You can find many different ways of making leg warmers on the web but this is how I turned a pair of socks into a pair of leg warmers. (also could be arm warmers)

Lay your socks out and cut each sock three times. One cut at the ankle, one cut under the heel, and one cut 2 inches above the toes.
Toss out the heel and toe cut outs.
Grab the smaller section (foot section) and fold in half ---> like the picture to the right.
Turn the sock inside out, place the cuff inside the sock, line up the cut edges, pin inplace, and sew the two pieces together.
 Do the other sock the same way. Turn socks right side out. You now have a set of leg warmers :)
This is the easiest way to make leg warmers. I have another way of making them. I will post in the future.


  1. WOW~~~ way too cool! I have to do this, I will just go add it to my list of 12,948 that I have to do

  2. Thanks! i know whatcha mean about a loong list :)



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