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Happy 2010!!

Wow, What a Year!! Lots of great things happened to the Kennedy Family in 2009 with Jax being the main event!

I have many plans and goals that I plan on achieveing in 2010. I want to expand the tutu business with shirts, leggins, room decor, bracelets, bows, bow holders, paci clips, shoe clips and more :).

Madison will start school this fall :( Bitter/Sweet..... Bitter/Sweet. I'm going to miss her during the day time.

My New Year's Resolution is to stop drink cokes. I can have Coke Zero but no coke with calories. So, what is your New Year's Resolution??

Well, Have Good Night and Toast your Glass to Another Fab Year!

♥ Raychel

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  1. Look at your precious babies! How cute! Happy New Year Raychel!


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