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Paper Beads

D.I.Y. Monday:
Paper Bead Safety Pin Bracelet
by Raychel Kennedy

Today's D.I.Y. Monday I want to show you have to make your own Paper Beads. I haven't made these in years, but since I have a new found love for Mod Podge I want to alter my old way of making them into the new Mod Podge way.

Pick out some pretty paper and fold it in half like a hamburger.

Cut in 3/4 inch strips. Fold strip in half and cut at an angle to make a point. This will make 2 strips at a time.

Do this 25 times make a total of 50 strips.

Start rolling your paper adding Mod Podge to the end. Mod Podge will glue the bead together.

Repeat 24 more times.

I placed all my beads on a wire and painted with Mod Podge (didn't take picture). Once it was dry I took the wire to the garage and sealed the beads with Clear Acrylic.

Then I followed the steps I used in making the Safety Pin Bracelets but replaced my glass beads with my paper beads.

Imagine all the endless paper combinations you could make :)

Oh, wondering what my old way was? I would use a glue stick to close my beads then I painted it with clear nail polish.

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