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Reuseable Snack & Trash Bags

Etsy Tuesday

First off, I just have to say how much I LOVE the name FUNKY JOY!            

This is the Reuseable Snack Bag in Retro Red Fabric. The inside is vinyl and is the prefect way to go green.

I really think reuseable snack bags are a must for school aged kids to take in their lunch box.

This is what I need. It would save some bickering when my husband and I sit in the car. I'm bad about leaving reciepts in the car. After awhile receipts are everywhere and Daniel gets annoyed :) lol

This is the Car Trash Bag in Brown Paisley Fabric. The inside of this Trash Bag is vinyl which can be wipped clean.

Over at Funky Joy's Etsy Shop she takes custom orders as well.

Lets go GREEN and shop at Funky Joy today.

She has a BLOG TOO!

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  1. Those are so cute and neat! And lol, I'm bad about gum wrappers. My hubby gets so annoyed by me putting my gum wrappers in the door panel!!


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