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Madison Turns 5

Today is Madison's 5th Birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday, Madison. You are the reason Mommy does everything from tutus to cakes to crafts to loving you. You make my heart smile and I love you so very much. I love how you're silly like Mommy and funny like Daddy. You are my everything.

I can't believe it has been 5 years since Madison came into my world. Other parents always told us, "take lots of pictures because she'll grow up fast", but I never imagined just how fast time would fly. You can't truely understand that sentence until you're the one living it. I'm so grateful for being a picture freak. I've takin thousands of pictures over the years.... Thousands.

Here are a few....

Madison at 6 weeks old

Madison's first time swimming at 2 months old.

Madison 6 months old setting around my favorite material.... Tulle.

Madison one year old.
 I have been a very emotional Mommy today. My baby girl is no longer a baby and it's hard. I know time is going to fly by. Soon she will be in middle school, then the prom, then college. I'm just not ready. She starts school this fall and it will be one of the sadest days. She has always been with me. Never been to daycare. I know it's good for her and it's a must, but I'm just not ready.
Ugggg... sorry. I'll stop whining. Today is a happy day. I have a beautiful and healthy, amazingly wonderful, 5 year old daughter, who I love to the moon and back times fifty billion plus one.
Happy 5th Birthday My Sweet Little Girl.

Oh, this is the outfit she will wear to her party. It is for sale at Tutu Fairy.


  1. happy birthday to amazingly beautiful 5 year old Madison!
    We wish her nothing but the best. I am sure she will have the most amazing party. She is one lucky girl, having you as her mummy.
    give her our kisses.

  2. How adorable is she.
    Happy Friday Follow. I'm following you, now!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Love the outfit!!

  4. Happy Birthday to beautiful Madison. God bless her!

  5. Happy Birthday to Madison! She is such an adorable little girl!

  6. Happy birthday, Madison! What beautiful eyes you have!


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