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Sweet Ol Mighty It's Friday

So Happy It's Friday!
I made this Minnie Mouse Ears cake a couple weeks ago.
Super easy but fun.

Next, week I plan on post daily again. Sorry for not posting lately. I've been tutu busy... hehehehe. lol, yes I'm a dork.

I have to make a Thomas the Train Cake for this weekend and work on some tutu orders. Sounds fun, huh?!

What about you?? What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse Friday Follow to say HI! Come by and say Hi!

  2. That is adorable! I love the tutus too! Very cute! I need to think about something like that for my little one. She would be so cute!

    No major plans this weekend. I am hoping for some relaxation but I am not sure that will happen. ha!

    I am here via Friday Follow. I hope you can stop by and visit me too.

  3. I have one night off and am making a cake to look like a can of Lone Star Light beer for a birthday party tomorrow.

  4. Thanks gals for stopping by and checking out my blog :D I can't wait to check out yours!

    Oh, Grimmy that sounds awesome :D


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