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I'm back!!

I was becoming a pretty good blogger than I took a one week vacation from blogger that turned into a 2 month getaway. Once you get out of the swing of things it's hard to get going again, but I'M BACK! 
 Easter weekend Tutu Fairy did First Monday in Canton, Texas. This was my first time so I didn't know what to expect, how to set up, or if it was even worth it but we pretty good. It rained the first day which messed up our pretty table cloths. Then, the next day I got 2nd degree sunburns on my chest and upper arms. I hate the out doors and this is why. Today, my blisters are finally going away but it's making it burn worse because they have opened up (yes gross, I know).

I now have 4 new dress forms. I think I'm in love :D They are so awesome. I have 2 wire dress forms and 2 fabric dress forms.
lol... I'm just eating the best peanut brittle in Texas!
 The kids came out to Canton on Saturday and had a blast. Jaxson was an angel and Madison passed out business cards. She was my walking billboard :D


  1. Hey Raychel, Long time no talk. I see you are doing great. I am so happy and proud of you. Your spot looked awesome.

  2. You always say the sweetest things :D thank you so much!! I've missed all my bloggin buddies!


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