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DIY Monday: Diaper Cake

D.I.Y. Monday
Diaper Cakes
You will need
100 size 1 Diapers
Rubber Bands
Glue Gun
Receiving Blankets (optional)
Items to decorate you cake - Carnations, Plastic Pacifiers etc..
Baby Supplies - Lotion, Baby Powder, Shampoo etc...
Wooden Dowels
Cake Board

Roll up your diapers and rubber band.

I used my 6", 8", & 10" cake pans but you do not have to use this. It just helped hold it in place.

I used 15 diapers in my first tier (top tier).

Place a large rubber band around all 15 diapers to hold together.

Do this for the 2nd and 3rd tiers too. Use 35 diapers for the 2nd tier and 50 diapers for the 3rd tier.
Fold the receiving blankets in a long rectangle and wrap around your tier of diapers.

Place a large rubber band to hold. DO this with all 3 tiers.

Cover your rubber band with a ribbon.


On your cake board, stack your tiers on top of one another and place a few wooden dowels trough each tier. I used 3 wooden dowels.

Decorate your cake to your liking.

I have a small pack of wipes on the back of the large tier because the blanket did not go all the way around.

I also added 'It's a Boy' signs, carnations, baby oil, lotion, hand sanatizer, baby powder, vasaline, shampoo and topped it of with a cute stuffed elephant.

Check out my Motorcycle Diaper Cake Here :D

Happy Memorial Day!! Be safe and have fun!


  1. That is so cute!!! Found you via Trendy Tree Marketing Monday. (there is a spelling mistake in your link but found you anyway).

  2. I am thinking of creating a diaper cake for my friend’s baby shower. This is such a nice idea! Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. I did one that was a safari theme for my child... I love your diaper cake idea

  4. That diaper cake is just really really adorable!


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