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Dr. Browns Bottle Giveaway & Review

Sweet Friday:
Review & GIVEAWAY!

I am so very excited for this post :D

This is my second Dr. Browns Baby Bottle Review and my first giveaway!

You may remember my first review and if not you can click here to read the full review.

What I said in a nutshell: I love these bottles. They reduce spit-up and are easy to clean, but they leak when you push the nipple up and down. Jaxson has moved on to sippy cups and only uses these bottles at night when I am holding him.

CLICK HERE to read the full review.

As, you know my last review was about Dr. Brown's Wide Neck Bottles and this review is over the Standard Bottles.

I didn't think about it when I wrote the last review but Madison actually used these Standard Bottles and not the Wide-Neck Bottles. Maybe, that is why I had great success with them the first time around.

The vacuum is stronger on the Wide-Neck Bottles then the Standard Bottles.

Well, I am 100% happy with Dr. Brown's Standard Bottles.

Since we switched bottles, a little over a week ago, we have no more mess. Almost the whole nipple fits in Jax's mouth so he has no room to pump the nipple, which means we do not have any leaks :) It's wonderful!

The Level 3 Nipples are great too. He's at the perfect age for them.

This bottle is easier for Jaxson to hold than the Wide-Neck Bottles from Dr. Brown.

This weekend we are going to get a few more of these Dr. Brown's Training Cups. I have used many Training/Sippy Cups and these are the best ones, hands down. Not one leak what -so-ever. The child has to suck to get anything out and I just love♥ them. At first, I could not tell if Jax was getting anything, but once he did you could hear it.

I do not like the sippy cups that they can just bite on and the liquid leaks into the mouth. I like the Dr. Brown Training Cups because the child does have to actually suck to get anything out. I think this is great for Moms who do put their kids to bed with a cup. In my opinion, it will cut back on tooth decay because no liquids are leaking continuously in the mouth (I'm, actually, a non-working Registered Dental Assistant too... lol).
I, also, got a chance to review the Dishwasher Basket for the Standard Bottles. I already have one of the Dishwasher Basket for the Wide-Neck Bottles and I love them both. They are awesome. I love the cut-out shapes letting us know where each item goes. It's totally dummy proof :D 

I know this post was long but I hope it helped you decide to buy or not to buy.

I say BUY :D


3 pack of Dr. Brown's 8oz bottles and a Dishwasher basket

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Good Luck Lovely Ladies!
I hope you have a very Sweet Friday!!

I will update the pictures to this post tomorrow. My conection is going crazy tonight and will not upload anymore as of right now.


  1. I like how it helps reduce spit-up.

    If I win please contact me at

    I am a follower of your amazing blog.

  2. I put the Dr. Brown's bottles on my registry for my baby girl because my SIL and best friend swear by them and I want the best for my baby. So if i dont get them at my shower i def will be buying them for her! If I win contact me at

  3. I have heard great things about them! No baby yet, but have been TTC!!

  4. my email is jenn14_85(at)yahoo(dot)com
    I also follow Dr. Browns FB page!

  5. I will be honest I have never heard of Dr. Brown's bottles, I have a 2year old and a 4mo. old grandbabies. I did read about them and they seem to be great to use.

  6. I also am following Dr. Browns page.

  7. I would love to try these with my next baby, which won't be for about 3-4 years. LOL! I like that they reduce/eliminate spit up. When my boys were babies, they always spit up!!

  8. I like that you can use the caddy to clean these bottles in the dishwasher. Oh, and great that it reduces spit-up. I'm a follower.
    oldsockfarm [at] gmail [d0t] com


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