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Giovanna's Cakes

Your Creative Way Wednesday

Giovanna is amazing at cakes and she does more than just cakes.
She makes diaper cakes, crafts, candy buffets and more.

My husband is a huge fan, because of her boob yes boob cakes.
To view Giovanna's buffet table creations for weddings, halloween, and more click here. They are amazing :D

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  1. Oh,I love Giovanna's art too!!great cake designer and a very nice girl!

  2. thank you!!!! thank you!!!
    so honored! love your blog!

  3. She is an extraordinary girl. She`s work is absolutly fantastik!!!.

  4. Giovanna is very talented and original. I admire a lot.
    And I love your blog and talk about this idea of special and talented people.

  5. I enjoyed you blog! Very insightful!
    Hopefully, you'll get a lot out of mine.
    God Bless, Bob West


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