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3 Tier Topsy Turvy Cake

3 Tier Topsy Turvy Cake
By Raychel Kennedy

This cake was so much fun! I was in a zone and it came out great :}

I do not like plain cakes so instead of adding color to the top 2 tiers I added dimension by cutting out stars in the same color.

I made the red and black stars that are coming out from the cake and the #5 cake topper 3 days prior to placement on the cake. I mixed some colored fondant with gum paste, placed a wire that was hooked at the top trough the fondant, and place in a cake drum to dry.

Daniel and I had to make a video and we used this cake in the video. We had a great time with each take and we laughed a lot! I love being silly with my love!

Here's some fun and silly pictures from the video...

Hello I am Raychel Kennedy....

What's great about me.....

This wasn't in the video... this was inbetween takes haha

Hope you like the cake!

Oh, dont you just love my new apron! I saw this fabric at the fabric store and just had to make myself an apron!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. you did a phenomenal job on this cake. it looks absolutely perfect! I have to get the courage to make a topsy turvy some day.

  2. Cake is awesome!! I love that you post your cakes online for all to see! My favorite picture is the silly one of you pretending to eat the cake! I looooooove that one!

  3. Your cake is adorable~I love that people are making cakes that look lop-sided! Mine usually come out looking lop-sided on accident LOL!! Now, I can say I ment to do that!!!!


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