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Happy Birthday America! July 4th 2010

July 4th was a few days ago and we had a great time!

Fourth of July is a special day for Americans and some times we tend to forgot how important this day was for our country. We are the land of the free because of all the men and women who fought and still fight for our freedom. I am very grateful that I was born and raised in this great country we call America!


Can you beleive that Jaxson is now 9 months old?? The kids are doing great! Madison is the best big sister to him and I'm really like their age difference. She helps me so much from grabing this to that to keeping him entertained while I am making tutus.

This has become my new favorite picture of all times. I just love it! Madison and Daddy holding baby ducks at Nana and Papa's house.

We celebrated our day with a cookout and some swimming. Then we went and watched fireworks the same place Daniel and I use to go as teenagers. It was an amazing feeling to go back to wear it all began with our completed family. It was the same place Daniel and I shared our first kiss exactly 10 years ago under the fireworks and now my family is eating braums ice cream watching the fireworks.

Fourth of July is always the day we found out I was pregnant with Madison six years ago. I love this day and all the memories it brings.

I made Madison this 4th of July Pillowcase Dress for Madison to wear.

No, I did not cut up an American flag. It's fabric!!

How was your 4th? What did you do?? Did you get a 3 day weekend or did you have to go back to work on Monday?

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