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Computer Crashed!

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited to be back!! My computer crashed last week and I just got my new one in the mail. I love it!!

I do not know much about computers/laptops but I bought the Gateway 15.6" LCD from HSN and I really like it!

What kind of computer do you use? Desk or Lap?? Gateway or Dell? I've had two dell computers and both of them crashed! I'm hoping I have better luck with Gateway.


  1. LOL, I used to work for Gateway! They're not bad really. I use a laptop myself but mostly coz I'm on the go so much.

  2. Yeah, it's so much easier to just grab my laptop and sit down where ever I want then to have to go to the computer room. lol.

  3. LOL call me an old geek, but I have a Gateway Desktop; a Dell laptop and an Acer netbook....a computer will crash no matter what brand ... but get a good antivirus and you should be OK...and be careful what links you click on....I do most of my work on my laptop, its easier than going upstairs to my desktop....


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