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What To Expect The First Week Of Kindergarden....

Yes, that is right! Madison is growing up! She is a Kinder now :}

Madison has officially been in school one week and will start her second week tomorrow.

She picked out her HELLO KITTY outfit to wear for the first day of school. I wanted her to wear a dress, but she insisted this was the perfect outfit to start the school year. How could I argue with that.

The first week of school was hard for both Mommy and child. As a mom I was an emotional wreck. My baby girl was starting a journey that Mommy could not be apart of and it made me sad. She is officially a BIG girl who is ready for this new adventure.

 As a child, Madison was exhausted all week long. She is not use to getting up a 6am to get ready for school and to go to school to learn for 7 hours. Then she comes home and has drill team at night just to do it all over again the next day. Whew... alot for a five year old to adjust to. She crashes out everyday right after school until the time drill team practice starts up.

At the end of the school week she brought all her work home with such great pride and accomplishment on her face.

 I love hearing how her day went!


  1. I am glad she is having a great time! She looks adorable on her Hello Kitty outfit.

  2. Aw!! I'm glad she had a good week! Dylan starts school next year.. I'm worried. LoL Hope she has an awesome first year of school!!!


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