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DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

D.I.Y. Monday

Thanksgiving is in 3 days!!! Here are some cute Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas that would look great on your table.

Turn a Clay Pot into a Pilgrim's Hat...

Pilgrim Place Cards from Jellybean Junkyard

 Use M&M Candies to make...
Indian Corn Place Cards from Holiday Crafts and Creations

For the Kids.....
Painted Pinecone Place Cards from Almost Unschooled

Love them all! I can't pick a favorite!
 Our thanksgivings are very casual, so the Pilgrim Hats or the Pinecones would work best for our table.

Which Thanksgiving Place Card would fit your Thanksgiving table the best?


  1. I love the simple and natural! I would have to borrow some from my mom's yard, since we have very few trees! I am a new your blog! Hope you can follow back and visit our website too.

  2. Definitely the pinecone - but what cute ideas! I am following you through the tuesday blog hop, and hope you can visit me at Thanks!


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